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The IELTS test has two forms: the Academic test (or module) and the General Training test (or module).
The module that you take depends on the reason that you are taking it for.

IELTS Preparation in Karachi. Let the best IELTS Trainers in Karachi help you get your desired band in IELTS
with the latest techniques. With our proven techniques more than 5,000+ plus students have achieved their
desired IELTS Bands. We provide both Online and On-Campus IELTS preparation in Karachi. We are trusted
and registered IELTS Partners with British Council, Pakistan, and certified Bronze Level Member.

 10+ years of Experienced Trainers
 Personalized attention to every student
 Unlimited Preparation Material
 4 Mock exam before Official Test
 Individual Writing Task Feedback
 Modern Learning environment
 IELTS Official Test Booking Facility.

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IELTS Preparation | Face to face/ Online


Listening 4 sections; 40 questions. 30 minutes 4 sections; 40 questions. 30 minutes
Reading 3 sections; 40 questions
3 long texts
1 hour
3 sections; 40 questions
3 long texts
1 hour
Writing 2 tasks
1 hour
2 tasks
1 hour
Speaking 3 sections
11 – 14 minutes
3 sections
11 – 14 minutes


IELTS Academic / General Training

Headway Institute offers a very precised and a practical learning Course for IELTS Preparation in Karachi and all over the world.


Here is a little over view on the format of IELTS Test.


The IELTS test evaluates your capacities in Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking – within three hours.

IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training. Listening in and Speaking are the same for the two tests, yet

the topic of the Reading and Writing parts varies relying upon which test you take. The Listening, Reading

and Writing parts of all IELTS tests are finished around the same time, without any breaks in the middle of them.

The Speaking part, in any case, can be finished up to seven days earlier or after alternate tests. Your test focus will prompt.

The aggregate test time is 2 hours and 45 minutes.


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